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January 23rd, 2019 3:46 PM

            Phyllis Rothstein and Scott Bartolomeo of Rothstein Appraisers (the standard in commercial and residential appraisals in NY) are excited to announce our attendance at the largest hard money lending gathering of the year!   The Pitbull Conference is about to go into its 48th annual summit. On March 3rd- 4th, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, the largest assembly of real estate and hard money experts will come together under one roof to exchange connections, ideas, perspectives on the market and so much more! Rothstein Appraisers is bringing 33+  years of Commercial and Residential expertise in the New York State market to this conference and we plan to deliver on our brand promise of “Honest, Accurate, & Timely Appraisals.” Rothstein appraisers is staffed with a robust team of 28 Veteran appraisers and an in house review panel of 11 that guarantee to deliver top notch Appraisals.   Check out our website for more details:

If you are in any way involved in the real estate industry this is event should be a non-negotiable for you! Rothstein Appraisers understands the value of putting face to fame so you better believe we will make an appearance. Besides, there is nothing wrong with partying a little by the pool at the Ritz. It’s not too late to register. Follow our lead and put yourself in a position to win! Who knows, we may even cross paths.

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Check out the link below for more information, event details, speakers and schedules.




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