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Real Estate: Then VS Now
February 11th, 2019 5:46 PM

Real Estate: Then VS Now


We all know that technology has changed the entire world in recent decades. But what has this looked like for the Real Estate industry specifically? According to some of the most experienced agents from Compass Quarterly, things have changed so much that the practices from the old days are laughable. We, at Rothstein Appraisers have also found this to be true. Being in business for 33 years, we have experienced the changes we are talking about firsthand and have adapted to them. The idea of traveling from end to end of town to retrieve a signature for a report or validate a document is long gone. Fax machines were considered a leap in technological advancement, where as now they are obsolete. These are just some minor examples and we haven’t even touched upon smartphones yet.

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According to veterans in the industry, the ability to find almost any piece of information about a given property at one’s fingertips has dramatically streamlined the process.

Rothstein Appraisers understands that to remain as one of the top Appraisal companies in New York, we need to be able to shift our approach in accordance with the times. So far this has allowed us to reach an exciting place where we are able to provide quality service to over 150 appraisals per month as well as expanding our reach to 20 counties across the state of New York! Order your appraisal today and see for yourself!

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